לעורר חיוניות

Awaken Vitality

ה-eBook “לעורר חיוניות” כולל תרגול בסיס של צ’יקונג בשיטת “חוכמת הריפוי” (Wisdom Healing Qigong).

רכשו את ה-eBook כדי ללמוד ולתרגל תנועות צ’י קונג, כדי להפחית מצבי לחץ, לפתוח ערוצי אנרגיה, להתחזק, לרפא ולמנוע מחלות, ולייעל את רווחתכם הנפשית והרגשית.

הקליקו כאן להזמנת ה-eBook
ישירות דרך צ’י סנטר קליפורניה.

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תיאור המוצר

eBook: Awaken Vitality

Wisdom Healing Qigong Preliminary Practices

Learn and practice the Qigong movements to reduce stress, open your energy channels, heal and prevent illness, and optimize your mental and emotional wellbeing. This book includes a downloadable audio (mp3) practice session guided by Master Gu.

The Wisdom Healing Qigong Preliminary Practices are six easy-to-follow and tremendously powerful movements you can utilize any time, anywhere. Practiced separately or together in a sequence these practices focus on cultivating a healthy and flexible spine, thereby increasing the well-being and vitality of the entire body. They are proven effective for releasing stress, decreasing pain, improving mental functioning, and rebuilding health for anyone suffering from a wide variety of conditions, including debilitating and life-threatening ones (see testimonials on our website).

Each practice is clearly explained for beginning and intermediate level students and sequentially illustrated for easy learning. The text reviews modifications, cautions and visualizations to safeguard as well as enhance your experience. Whether you want to start your day with a good whole body stretching routine or discover the deeper dimensions of your energetic body, your dedicated practice will be well supported with this 42 page guide to the Preliminary Practices.

30 minute practice session audio provided

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